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Facials, Diamond- tip Microdermabrasion, Hydrodermabrasion & Oxygen Infusio


High Frequency

High-frequency treatment uses low-current high-frequency alternating currents, delivered via a glass electrode. Because the high frequency current converts some of the oxygen in the air into ozone, the treatment has a germicidal action, and is also drying and warming. Consequently, the treatment is used to aid healing and also to help desquamation (the skin's natural exfoliation) and stimulate sweat and sebaceous glands.

Add to any facial service $15

  • Accelerate blood circulation
  • Strengthen lymph activity
  • Kill bacteria & virus
  • Eliminate acne & pimples
  • Reduce wrinkle & fine lines, tighten skin, reduce skin irritation, improve skin texture & complexion
  • Improve secretion and PH value
  • Prevent hair loss, reduce dandruff


Ultrasonic Vibration - Ion Care -Photon LED therapy


Positively Charged Ions - Deeply yet gently cleanse the skin by drawing out impurities.  

Negatively Charged Ions - Boost ingredient penetration for optimal nutrient absorption.

Thermal Heat Therapy



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